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Hi all,


I have 2 good friends in Austin to show me around but neither of them have lived there that long so I thought I'd drop a line on here and ask too. Any recommendations for restaurants? Also specifically I would love some vegetarian BBQ, I googled it but couldn't seem to find any. Its Austin, there must be some though I know it!


Please let me know,



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Casa de Luz (macrobiotic vegan food)

Counter Culture (something-for-everyone vegan food)

The Vegan Nom (vegan junk galore)

Hai Ky (vietnamese / chinese restaurant with lots of vegan options)

Promise Pizza (vegan cheese and gluten-free crust available)

Freebirds (killer burritos, everything but the meat, cheese and sour cream is vegan)

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Dang! Well, if you want to meet up with some of the Vegan Bodybuilding Austin crew, let me know and I can put you in touch with them. A handful of them are on the forum and a few others hangout with us as a group, but aren't on the forum.


bartonx7, IronCladBen, and Chad Byers (don't know his forum name off hand) are all part of our crew in ATX.


Have fun in Austin!

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