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Back to college today! Gonna study hard get on with it and race to the gym, I'm sure it'll be full of new years resolutioners and dickheads tonight :/


Starting 5/3/1 off with squats! My barbell should arrive today or tomorrow so deadlift/mili press day will be done at home and I'll probably video it too

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First session of the year!


Jim Wendlers 5/3/1

SQUATS!! week 1


Warm up sets:

25 Kg x 8

45 Kg x 6

Working sets:

57.5 Kg x 5

67.5 Kg x 5

75.5 Kg x 7 was planning on going for 8 but wasn't so comfortable :/


leg press 4 sets 10-12 reps

leg curls 3 sets 10-12 reps







looking forward to deads and mili on wednesday, hopefully from home and filmed

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My internet in my house is down so I'll have to update via my phone! Also means I can't upload the video from today so I'll put it up asap.


5/3/1 week 1 workout 2

Deadlift and shoulder press

Warm up sets for shoulder press

20kg x 8

20Kg x 8

Working sets

30Kg x 5

35Kg x 5

40Kg x (5 or more) made it 10 reps



This sucked.. I trained with my little brother who isn't too strong and my mate who isn't much better which meant it took ages between sets setting everything up.

Warm up sets

40Kg x 5

40Kg x 5

Working sets

72.5Kg x 5

82.5Kg x 5

92.5Kg x 5 (couldn't do anymore :/ you'll see how tough this looked in the video)


Chin ups

X 8

X 6

X 6


Had to pack up as I had loads of shit to do :/ will add more assistance next time

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Oi captfit you cheeky bugger haha

Its proper complicated you basically work from percentages of a training max, week 1 is fairly light week 2 is heavier with lower reps week 3 is heavier with lower reps and then week 4 you deload with light weight. I've got a sheet of paper with everything I have to do for the next 4 months ha

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Heres the video from yesterdays workout! pretty pointless tbh but I wanted to show off my new barbell, this is quite literally the worst set of deadlifts that I have ever performed.. My excuses are that the bar was all sweaty from everyone using it and also the fact that I did them after overhead pressing lol.. next wednesday I'll totally kill it



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