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Shit day, shit session but I got it done.

My mums oldest brother died yesterday and he was a great man so I've been feeling pretty on edge and upset. Anyway best get to it

5/3/1 week 2 day 1 Monday 14/1/13



Warmup sets

25Kg x 10

25Kg x 10

A 'personal trainer' came over told me that ducking my feet is bad for my knees. He got a very very evil look from me and wandered off togive bad advice to other people.

Working sets

62.5Kg x 3

72.5Kg x 3

80Kg x (3 or more) 8


Leg press 4 medium sets 10-12 reps

Leg curls 3 sets


Currently walking home in a shit mood

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Hey rossco - replying to your post from my journal:


I've started a cycle of MadCow (no, I'm not eating Bovine spongiform encephalopathy cultures) as while I liked the format of Wendler's 5/3/1, the advancement was a little slow for me at the time.


MadCow is structured similarly to Stronglifts, in that you squat every day, and only do the same 5 main lifts. However, instead of increasing the weight each workout, you increase it each week, and only do OHP/Deadlift 1/week as opposed to 3/2 weeks on Stronglifts. I've written up the plan in this post here:


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