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Read through ya last few pages, epic progress!


Sounds like your really enjoying it at the mo, which is gonna make sure you hit that 145kg easy peezy!


Keep it up

Hey thanks man, well I was really confident about hitting 145Kg until todays sesh but I think I was a bit burnt out from the first 2 working sets.

I'll be sure to check by your log too dude


Synnyyyyyy you alrightt??

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Ello jim all good except I managed to roll my ankle yesterday playing footy in the sunshine.. I figuired it would be unwise to proceed with my heavy squat day and just rest it up until max testing. How are you man? I'll pop by your training log shortly, I haven't been very active on the forum recently

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Drunken update from me:

Ankle is feeling fine today! Went to a HxC/metal gig tonight, lots of great bands as well as some drama and my friend smashing the mirror in the toilets... But still a great night! Benching and ohping tomorrow and its my last heavy workout of this cycle.

I'm considering going for hypertrophy training now though but ill see how I feel about the whole thing after I've tested all my maxes! Hope everyones doing well, will speak to everyone tomorrow!

Peace out!

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Ankle gave me hell at work today and its put me in a bit of a slump.. I'll continue to deload next week and since I've missed bench ohps and squats I'll throw in some extra reps for good meausre but keep it on deload weight.

Still testing my maxes the week after and I'll try and film them all too. I may not be too active on the forum until then, I just need some xbox and beer therapy to cheer myself up. Hope everyones doing well and I'll be back soon

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DEADLIFT max attempt!

loads of warm ups and stretching and then

100Kg x 1

120Kg x 1

145Kg x 1 PB!!!

145Kg x 1 felt like I could have done more video to follow


OVERHEAD PRESS max attempt

couple of warm ups and stretching

40Kg x 3

50Kg x 1 PB

55Kg x 1 PB!

you cant actually see the lifts properly in the vid becuase I'm an idiot and self filmed it wayyyy too close....

itll be up in half hour or so, my laptop is superslow

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Ah bugger! I'll try uploading it again or something, I'm squatting today for pbs at lunch time at college lol, don't think I'll be allowed to film but I'll ask permission ahha. Going for 115Kg to make sure I can still do it, then 120 and see how that goes , I would test it from home but my "squatstands" are likely to crumble under that weight

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So I trained around 11ish, just warm up squat and stretch. Got a pb but not too content with it :/

Warmups stretch

20Kg x 8

60Kg x 5

90Kg x 3


SQUAT max attempts!

115Kg x 1 felt okay

120Kg x 1 PB

125Kg x 1 PB shaky and crap but got it

130Kg x 1 PB! Felt terrible, looked terrible but its still a new record I probably could have done a little bit more but was advised by the trainer spotting me not to continue :/ my back feels a bit crap now too eurgh.

Stretch/cool down

Am currently playing with the animals at college.. Bench max testing tomorrow!

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Haha hey guys! It must be something I ate :P although being a bit pessimistic here, the DL was a 25kg increase but it took months! The squat was only a 12Kg increase and that took even longer :/ maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself eh?

Looking at a few new ideas for training, I wanna give higher reps a go! I've also decided to take my eating as seriously as my lifting, I ordered some creatine Lglutamine soya protein and brown rice protein, I'm going shopping at the weekend and buying loadssss of stuff! I've got a big list and some ideas of what I'll need to eat in a given day.

I used a calorie calculator and apparently I need 3600 calories per day for muscle growth, now is it just me or is that not that much? I'm not too good with nutrition.

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