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gyms been closed pretty much all week so this was first session in a while!


Friday 9/11/12 Bodyweight 79 Kg (ish) playlist consisted of A Day To Remember and NOFX



empty safety bar (25 Kg) x 8

55 Kg x 5

65 Kg x 5

75 Kg x 5

75 Kg x 8

Kept the weight real low so I could get myself lower and keep the reps slow too, gonna add 5 Kg each week to get a new pb before the end of the year


3 sets of leg curls, don't know what weight!


Bench press

empty bar (20 Kg) x 8

30 Kg x 5

40 Kg x 5

50 Kg x 5

60 Kg x 5

65 Kg x 5 technically a pb

55 Kg x 6







knuckle press ups x 20 literally fell on my face on the last rep

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I'll try the towel thing at some point, felt a bit weird doing it in front of people at the gym so I bailed :P


seriously thankyou so much for the book jim, had a quick browse on my lunch break but I'll have a proper read during the week


Monday 12/11/12 bodyweight 80 Kg, I've been going overboard with eating perhaps I should try and eat and bulk a bit cleaner from now on, got a bit of unwanted body fat but it isn't out of control


I've never seen the gym so busy so tonight was a kind of do what I can workout.


Chin ups with hammer grip

x 8

x 6 and a half..

x 5

x 4 and a half....


pullups x 2


did 4 heavy sets on the lat pull down machine.


overhead press with dumbbells, I usually sit but all benches were taken so had to do it standing which was fine. (the weight is for each dumbbell)

10 Kg x 8

15 Kg x 6

20 Kg x 6

22.5 Kg x 3 Much better!!

17.5 Kg x 8


at this point it was so ridiculously busy by the free weights I decided to just do some machine work instead of standing around like a twat..

so 4 sets of machine shoulder side raises and 3 sets of bicep curl machine.


wednesday and friday will consist of squats deads and bench so I'm looking forward to it!

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i know how you feel with towel thing haha, i train at home so i can try all kinds of silly looking stuff!


how tall are you rossco?


squats and bench press are my fave exercises all weight trainers and bodybuilders seem to love benching !


good to see your doing chins, underated exercise, dont see many people doing them nowadays!



good luck with rest of the weeks training

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yeh it takes alot of room to make a half decent gym at home. whats the gym like where you train?


no i havent got a log on here yet might do one soon, chins r your favourite? you masochist haha i have a love hate thing goin on with chins, love what they do but hate doing them lol

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Well im studying animal sciences and management at college so I get to use their gym for free, its full of personal trainer trainees and students and it is always busy.. There's a fairly decent freeweight section which is all I really need but there's only a few benches and just one power rack :/

Get a log going mannnn I'll be sure to follow it! And ahha I get that response from a friend that I train with, I've just always enjoyed them. When I first started training I could just about do 3 I'm currently up to 8 so its nice to see physical progress

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Keep at it capfit!

Nah not a vet but I definitely want some animal paramedic training I'm hopefully doing a marine mammal medic course next year and I currently work at a hospital for sick and injured bats so I get to administer meds etc who knows what ill end up doing (:


Anywhooo back to buisness

Wednesday 14/11/12 Bodyweight 80 Kg

Dead lifts today! I was in a proper rush because I had to go babysit my little bros after gym!


40 Kg x 5

60 Kg x 5

70 Kg x 5

90 Kg x 3

100 Kg x 2 (grip was good)

100 Kg x 3 I held the bar for a while after the second rep and had one more rep in me, although my back rounded kinda bad on the last rep, apparently I looked like mr burns... I promise to get some pics or a vid next time I dead!


The rest of my workout was rushed

3 sets of 8 on seated rows (machine)

4 sets of 10 dumbbell shrugs

20Kg x 10

22Kg x 10

25Kg x 10

27.5Kg x 10

3 sets of reverse flys (machine)

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so recently I've been noticing some great size gains, especially my back! I may post a photo later I've switched to 4 meals a day rather than 6 and preferring it and I've been playing around with rep range


Friday 16/11/12 Bodyweight 80Kg ish

squats and bench were my focuses tonight


bench press

empty bar (20 Kg) x 10

40 Kg x 6

50 Kg x 6

65 Kg x 5

70 Kg x 5 this was pretty easy even though my mate was making stupid noises to try and put me off

50 Kg x 12 this was even easier


Squats with safety bar, still keeping the weight low and focusing on technique

empty bar (25 Kg) x 10

55 Kg x 8

65 Kg x 8

70 Kg x 8

75 Kg x 8








x31 had a competition with my buddy to see who could do the most to failure after the dips, I won by 1 rep

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For charity today at work everyone had to wear red so for once I wasn't wearing my baggy uniform, it was overwhelming how many people complimented my increased size haha including "how did you get big arms like that eating rabbit food" I took that as a compliment.


grip training today! deadlifting on monday and I want to nail a 110Kg, may switch to mix grip if I cant quite get it. anyone here use lifting belts? and how do they work?

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