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Its just ridiculous man and they were people doing personal trainer courses so I had no chance of getting in there before them, also now I'm dead lifting tomorrow I may not feel up to squatting on wednesday but I'm definitely benching wednesday so we'll see how it goes I guess, gonna try a 75Kg bench and if that goes well a 77.5Kg. Fingers crossed!

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Here's the vid! it's a bit close as I didn't have anyone to film me and had to put it on the floor! forms good coming up but starts to bend on the way back down, found this strangely easy so i'm gonna try a double next time and see how that goes.



Tuesday 20/11/12

dead lifts

40 Kg x 5

50 Kg x 5

80 Kg x 3


100 Kg x 2

110 Kg x 1 pb!

110 Kg x 1 and a hold


seated row machine x 3 sets


dumbbell shrugs

20 Kg x 10

22.5 Kg x 10

25 Kg x 10

30 Kg x 10


let me know what you think of the vid and sorry I didn't rotate it, I'll get better videos from now on

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haha yeah it felt easy, i did high reps at about 50Kg after my set (didnt bother posting it up) and it felt like i was lifting basically nothing so i know my deadlift strength is really improving! a couple of months ago maybe even less than that I could barely pull 80 for a triple

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