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haha its all in the name of romance


Friday 23/11/12



40 Kg x 5

60 Kg x 5

80 Kg x 5

100 Kg x 3

110 Kg x 1 and hold

110 Kg x 2 but... it was with mixed grip still good, then hold

60 Kg x 12 I held the bar for 10 seconds every 4 reps


seated row machine 3 sets

lat pull down 1 set for warm up


chin ups x 7 waaaaah couldn't beat my 8 ahha

pull ups x 4

pull ups x 1 and hold

x 1 and hold

x 1 and hold


Challenge time! this time with sit ups, I haven't done a sit up for like a year so this was truly awful.

I went first and managed 25.

my buddy casey went after and did 30. it's currently 2-1 to him


after watching worlds strongest man last night I was full of motivation and inspiration so I really enjoyed today

I've been neglecting squats and shoulder work so that'll be my priority on Monday! I wanna see if I can still squat 115Kg as I haven't squatted heavy in ages

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Deadlifts have a carry over to your squatting, just be careful going really heavy if you haven't squatted in a while mate.


Strongman and watching WSM sure does fire you up! There's a guy on YouTube that has most of the competitions uploaded from each year, most of them are about 50mins long and awesome to watch so check them out! I've started to try and figure out how to do some of that stuff in the gym, I'll regularly do 80-100m 'Farmers Walks' using dumbbells (bloody tough)! Plus 1 x arm dumbbell shoulder presses are great if you do a continual set with 3 or 4 dumbbells pyramidding up in weight. BRUTAL!

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Was just about to say about those guys too, especially veggiesasquatch,

I dont know what happened to chewy but he's stopped posting in veganfitness.net too so it isn't just us he's left last I saw was that he had a lot of strong man comps going on plus he had a new girlfriend and job so I suppose he's just to busy to post :/

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Those are good numbers, what time frame does that give you?


Just as a guideline, it took me 3 months to go from a 140 max DL to 180kg. If you're looking at say 120kg to 170 (that's a 10kg gain on what I did but working with slightly less weight), I'd be looking at probably at least 4 months if you're approaching the training in a sensible way. So saying that, I think you could probably aim for around a 10kg improvement each month, at least for the first few months mate

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Monday 26/11/12

Not such a good session today :/ the mrs got up for work at 5am woke me up and I couldn't get back so just got up too, went to college early and cut out early to use the gym at 12:30.

Squats, very low, set the catch to below hip height and touched it with the bar each rep. My buddy rested on the catch and got himself stuck he found it funny so it was fine.

Empty safety bar (25kg) x 8

45 Kg x 6

55 Kg x 5

65 Kg x 5

75 Kg x 5

75 Kg x 10


Leg press 4 heavy sets


Dumbbell shoulder press, I'm making very little to no progress with these..

(Weight is for each dumbbell)

10 Kg x 8

15 Kg x 8

20 Kg x 6

20 Kg x 5



Side raises, 3 sets


Pressup challenge! Decided to do them slower and lower to make it more fair

Casey - 35 reps

Ross - 36 reps (could have done more but felt spiteful :P)



Tricep isolation 4 sets 10 reps


After seeing MFs breakfast photo I thought I would post my post workout meal

Blueberry juice with 30g brown rice protein powder + 5g creatine

2 homemade braised tofu subs with tigertiger (vegan) mayo and iceberg lettuce in a french stick! Oh yeaaaah

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Man that really does look yummy ! What are you aiming to hit on squats end of 6 months ?


130 Kg my friend, my current one rep max is 115 Kg but I don't feel like I had the form perfect, I wanna do realllllly low squats so I'm working my way back up! they're my best lift by far so I want to get them right

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Wow that is more than twice what i am currently at and that too with free barbell unlike the smith for me , all the best for your goal .I am going for Deadlift workout tomorrow morning aiming to hit 50kgs not including Barbells so looking forward to it . It's a god number to get done with .

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