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disappointing start to the week, some douchebag thought it was a good idea to use the only place in the entire gym where you can squat as a bench press area sduhgsiudhgishgosfdho. most of which he spent chatting and fucking around.

anyway, no squat today so bench work with assistance.


bench press

bar (20 Kg) x 10

40 Kg x 8

50 Kg x 6

60 Kg x 6

70 Kg x 5

70 Kg x 4 (this was supposed to be to failure so I expected a few more reps ah well)

50 Kg x 12







press up challenge. massive disappointment

me x 20

casey x 36


triceps were killing me so physically couldn't rep anymore wah

3-2 to casey. we've decided it's first to 10


light tricep isolation


I have a meeting at college on wednesday (I'm the rep for all the land based students so like 150 students haha) so going to gym after the meeting for squats and shoulder work

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Because of this stupid meeting I wont get a chance to use the college gym as it has weird opening times :/

so I've had to put up with what I have available and have some fun with it

I felt strong wearing my veganbodybuilding tee! (:

wednesday 5/12/12 bodyweight 79 Kg

bodyweight squats and taekwondo drills


Overhead press, strict, (clean before first rep)

20 Kg x 12

20 Kg x 10

30 Kg x 10

30 Kg x 10

35 Kg x 8

35 Kg x 8

35 Kg x 8


front squats

35 Kg x 8

35 Kg x 8

couldn't get this right, didnt feel comfortable on my arms or wrists



barbell lunge

35 Kg x 7 each leg

35 Kg x 7 each leg


pull ups

x 4

x 3

gave up here, my bar is metal with no grip plus my shoulders are totally dead so was pointless to continue.


I'm gonna upload a video I made of my last set of OHP, more to show off the plastic bat I have as my christmas tree angel it'll be up in 20 mins

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Friday 7/12/12


Deadlifts, thought I would go light/medium and work on reps

50 Kg (110 lbs) x 8

70 Kg (154 lbs) x 6

80 Kg (176 lbs) x 5

100 Kg (220 lbs) x 3 done as single reps, I even let go of the bar for a second

100 Kg (220 lbs) x 1 was supposed to pull another 2 but single reps is difficult!

50 Kg x (110 lbs) 12 super easy, I may use 60 Kg as last set high reps from now on.


All this talk of shoulder pressing has gotten me to dedicate more time to doing them, especially if it'll help in my benching too.


25 Kg (55 lbs) x 10

30 Kg (66 lbs) x 10

40 Kg (88 lbs) x 7 was going for 8 :/

40 Kg (88 lbs) x 4

25 Kg (55 lbs) x 10 (to failure)


shrugs (weight per dumbbell)

20 Kg (44 lbs) x 12

25 Kg (55 lbs) x 12

30 Kg (66 lbs) x 12

35 Kg (77 lbs) x 12

could do so much heavier if it wasn't for my grip.


3 light/medium sets for high reps on seated rows (machine)


from now on I'll convert my lifts into lbs as most on this site use lbs

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There is a big enough minority here using KGs to not give a shit about converting it. If you feel like being nice just finish your posts with this link: http://www.onlineconversions.com/weight.php



Don't bother converting the units. The only reason most of us use lbs is because that's what's stamped on the plates. I would rather use kg myself but I don't want to deal with converting the units every time I lift. 1 kg = 2.2 lbs, roughly, and those who care can do the math for themselves.

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do you do it sitting or standing? yeh 50 should be no major deal if you can do 7 with 40,mind you doesnt always work like that tho does it . no im a part timer today my legs are f'in killing and i had to wheelbarrow rocks all day so that didnt help em, do back tomorow i think.

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well I use this weight. x reps x .0333 + weight.= 1RM. it was concocted by the legend that is Jim Wendler, it's pretty accurate from what I've experienced, I do them standing but don't the weight at all with legs I do it very strict, I feel sitting is awkward with a bar even when I have access to the power rack, doing a clean before the first rep doesn't hinder me in anyway so standing always wins

ah fair enough mate, I get a bit like that carting around massive bloody rollers of wine and champagne all day, I'm sure I'll regret todays training tomorrow when I'm at work


and very good point MF it just makes it easier for everyone and is no problem for me to do, thanks it's getting better! one more light/medium bench press session and then I'll be going for another max, I'm scared haha

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