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I encounter some challenges with work, indeed I travel quite a lot for business and unless we have the luck to go to Indian or Asian restaurants it s hard to find good vegan food...

I wouldnt even dare to suggest the vegetarian/vegan option (you should see the faces )


I manage to keep my work out routine wherever I go, can easily escape dinner to prepare my delicious vegan dinner in my hotel room or try vegan restaurants in town but lunches almost turns into fasting considering what I order or get on a plate


Anyone facing such situations? any suggestions?



What we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly, dearness gives everything its value
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Instead of asking for a vegetarian or vegan option I've found that people(servers at restaurants) are much more helpful/accommodating if you ask would you see if it would be possible if this dish could be prepared without meat. Or Without cheese. Or is it possible to substitute a side of veggies (whatever they seem to have on the menu) for the meat in this dish.

Asking for vegetarian or vegan often throws people off that don't know much about eating that way. If you ask for a specific substitution they seem to understand a lot better that its not such a big deal to accommodate you.

You could always drop a little white lie like I'm allergic to dairy products(lactose intollerant) would you see if this dish could be prepared without milk, cheese or butter?


Goodluck, happy travels,



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