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My most recent interview, a few new perspectives


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Thailand would be a nice place to live. Lots of Buddhist temples there you could even consider becoming a monk. Meditating till you see your new path in life.


Sensory deprivation tanks are getting popular in usa now. Good for meditating deep when you don't have the time it takes to shut out all your surroundings through practice.


Joe Rogan explains the tank





Have you considered doing a podcast Robert? That would be something I'd tune into. You could just set up a couple webcams and broadcast on ustream.


I bet you could get on Joe Rogans podcast if you twitter him. He had vegan triathlete Rich Roll on there a couple weeks ago and Mac Danzig so I think you would be the man to go on there next.

Joe's a paleo guy and he has had paleo guru's on there and i feel like Mac and Rich left a lot of things out there about vegans.

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