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Eating ethically does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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..or your soul. I challenge anyone to tell me eating Vegan/Vegetarian is expensive. Mom and I are tight on money but manage to eat well and healthy considering.


Mom and I made our monthly pilgrimage down the mountain to go grocery shopping today. We spent $150.00 plus $10.00 in gas for 1+ months worth of food for two people.


Here are a couple photos and our shopping list.




15 Non-GMO Quinoa Milks

8lbs Rolled Oats

8lbs Split Peas

8lbs Garbanzo Beans

5lbs Organic Whole White Wheat Flour

1 Bottle Organic Molasses

10 Packets of Organic Yeast

1/2lb Organic Coconut Shreds

1lb of TVP

1 Carton of 0 MSG Vegetable Broth

1lb Yerba Mate Tea

1 3/4lb Organic Coffee

1lb Organic Corn Grits (Mom's polenta is just ridiculous, I am so excited for her to make it)

1.5lbs Organic Flaxseed

2 Cans of Vegan Chili

2 Cans of Organic Dolmas

2 Bags of Natural Ginger/Lemon Snaps

1 Natural Snack/Energy Bar

1 Bag of Organic Pretzels

1 Box of Organic Cereal

1 Box of Organic Crackers

8lbs Organic Frozen Vegetables

5lbs Fresh Organic Vegetables

2lbs Frozen Strawberries

1 Can of Natural Pineapple

2 Packages Tofu

1 Package 'Cheese'

1 Package 'Cream Cheese

1 Package Faux Meat

1 Tub Soy Yogurt


And some bulk bin snicky snacks to munch on, on the way home.


On a side note I am very proud of mom for adopting a Vegetarian lifestyle. All the tofu, faux meats, and a few packaged things are hers as I mostly eat beans, legumes, TVP, and vital wheat gluten and rarely eat prepackaged things. There are some non-Vegan things in there as mom isn't Vegan, but compared to other people's shopping baskets and the way she ate just 6 months ago, I say mom has her head on straight, considering she has lost over 40lbs going Vege. Way to go mom!

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Wow I didn't even know there was such thing as quinoa milk! I eat quinoa pretty regularly. How is the milk as far as nutrient content? I will research it myself, I am just very curious. Great post by the way. That seems to be a big concern for a lot of people that eating healthy costs too much.

Eating organic fresh produce is the cost issue that I run into the most. That and cost of any and everything in NYC is way over priced.



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