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Discriminatory events of the world?


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I'm looking for awareness on the major well known discriminatory events of our world that took place, or are continuing to take place today. I'll attempt to list all events that I'm currently familiar with at the top of my head in chronological order and also state whether they have been resolved or are ongoing. Please add to the list if you know of any significant events that I've missed.


Discriminatory Events of the World


1. American Revolution - Resolved

2. Civil War - Resolved

3. World War I - Resolved

4. World War II - Resolved

5. Holocaust - Resolved

6. Darfur Conflict - Ongoing

7. Animal Liberation Movement - Ongoing

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Not sure if some of those were really "resolved", I'd say they were just ended.


Not on the same scale as perhaps the holocaust, but there are things like women's liberation, end of slavery and so on. I don't know the dates on those things, but women getting the vote and getting similar rights to men is ongoing. Same with homophobia and laws relating to same-sex couples.

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