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i did it in, 2010 about august time. i did my pb for bench and my left pec felt a bit weird, like tight but not sore. the next day i went to the gym and thought id do a light set of bench to warm it up and loosen it off bad idea! from then on it just hurt like hell and i had to have 2.5 months off work and couldnt even use my left hand to eat. physio said it was about to snap from where it joins to my upper arm. i did no more weights really til about december 2011, i started benching empty bar at home a few times a week kept doing that till about august this year and started to increase the weight. not cycling much now due to winter so doing weights instead. and all is going well so far, plenty of warm up and recovery (train it once a week, learnt my lesson ) and i think itll be ok! yeh light stretching has helped alot i doit a few times a day every day.

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