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*Your best lift of the day ~ post it here*

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Thanks, dude. It felt good to lift that much, although my form was shit!

Solid lift, just be careful. How come your form was bad?

Check my log, I go into and have a video up. Like I said, form was shit and I don't know why. Other than the 445 lbs I pulled last week (which probably also had shit form, I didn't take video so I don't know), this is the first time I've gone for a real 1RM at a heavy weight.

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Any of you guys do squat cleans? I did them religiously when i was racing BMX. GREAT power move. I~d do them with dumbells. Clean to the shoulders, into the squat, plyometric jump to finish it.


At that point, my goal was time. I did sets of 12, shooting for the shortest time possible. If I recall, my PB was 39 seconds for a set of 12 with 45lb dumbells. (and there was NO standing of any kind when that set was over LOL)

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In my efforts to whittle away the last few bits that need attention before my wedding in March (gotta be picture perfect, ya` know? LOL) I was lifting a little heavier to put on a little more upper body size. Went for the 300lb bench and the ol` shoulder just isn`t up for it (old separation/torn RC from a bicycle crash). I`m not even going to concern myself with hitting it.


FWIW, I train with a guy who once benched 455 raw (I was the spotter and saw it happen. The dude`s an animal), and he never, ever benches more than about 265 these days, and he`s still huge.

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