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*Your best lift of the day ~ post it here*

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I think I have a 200kg/440lb deadlift in the bag if I can stay injury free. Just back from a push/pull meet tonight and despite just running on base strength right now it went pretty well



Didn't miss a lift, my attempts were:








Haven't seen the official results yet but should be good enough for a decent placing. Prep for my April meet is just about to start next week, can't wait to get stuck into some serious hard training again MF.

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Well not as impressive as some of my counter gender's lifts, but I managed to 4x 60 kg in bench press. It's not so much the weight (I've had the strength to bench 60 + kg for some time and should have been able to bench at least 70 kg by now), it's that finally came through the psychological barriere and mentally accepted the big transition from adding the sub 20 kg weights on the bar to the much bigger 20 kg weights. I think next I'll even do it without a spotter (although this time the only thing the spotter did was look - no physical aid whatsoever).

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Hi I'm new here. I am 18 years old and from Denmark. My goal with exercise is increased strength, I'm running for RAW Powerlifting competitions. I will sometimes post some of my best lift here.

Powerlifting competitions RAW


440kg/970lbs total - BW 62,9kg - Sub Junior

-Squat 352lbs

-Benchpress 231lbs

-Deadlift 385lbs



Lift's I have made on training:


Squat - 5x120kg/264lbs - BW 63kg

Front Squat - 5x110kg/242lbs - BW 64kg


Dødløft - 5x140kg/308lbs - BW 70kg


If you want to see more of my lifts you can visit my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrHuddi/videos?view=0&flow=grid


In the future there will be more videos when I make some strong lift

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Making the two farmer's walks with 210 lbs. per hand for 135 feet was nice to manage again after so long, not to mention getting that 250 lb. stone loaded to the 48" platform a handful of times, feels good to be doing some of the old stuff again even if it's not as heavy as I used to be able to manage

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