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Mac Danzig vs Takanori Gomi Nov 10 China

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  • 4 weeks later...

I just re watched the fight and the first 2 rounds were Mac's. 2nd could have been a draw at best but Mac really owned the last 2 mins of the round completely.


No way could Gomi have won 2 rounds. He won he final round 10-9. That fucking sucks for Mac but at least he got 40k for fight of the night and Dana White said he thought Mac won.


I hope there's a rematch.

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Yeah, I have only watched the fight once so far, just in entertainment mode at the time(not counting strikes landed etc)but it seemed to me a draw.


I may go back and watch it again and really "score" the fight, which sometimes can give you a different opinion. It also helps to mute the volume, the announcers sometimes can change your opinion of what is really happening.


I wish Mac would have won but he made a good showing of himself. Gomi looked the best I have seen him since coming to the UFC. Apparently the time difference really does make a difference because almost all of the Asian fighters looked better than in the past when fighting in the states.

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