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Any DC/Maryland people?

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Compassion Over Killing maintains a free online Washington D.C. Area Restaurant Guide for vegans/vegetarians:




Yuan Fu is just 15 minutes in Rockville. Vegan Chinese restaurant. Loads of faux meats and natural dishes.


There are more interesting places if you have time to drive. Like the vegan bakery Sticky Fingers in DC


If you are buying groceries Bethesda/Rockville has My Organic Market it is a locally owned competitor to Whole Foods that does many things better.


There is also a FB page for all things vegan in the DC area you can use to get more opinions


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As beforewisdom said, Yuan Fu is pretty good. Looks like Veggie Garden closed, unfortunately.


My one must-eat place in DC/MD is Mandalay in Silver Spring. Fantastic Burmese/SE Asian food with lots of vegan options, including coconut milk ice cream. They're also very vegan-friendly in general and happy to help out. There are also two or three Ethiopian places over there that are terrific, like Addis Ababa.


In Bethesda itself, there's BDs for Mongolian bbq, a few Greek/Mediterranean places like Bacchus, Guapo's for tasty Mexican (though not particularly vegan), and Hard Times Cafe does a delicious vegan chili. There's a Sweetgreen over there too, I think, for salads.


If you head down into the city, Columbia Heights has Sticky Fingers, which is generally considered one of the best vegan bakeries in the country, and certainly on the east coast. It's right off the Metro, too. There are a couple of Pizzeria Paradisios

in town in G'town and just outside Dupont. I always liked the G'town one better, but it's a bigger pain to get to. Really, between Comet, zpizza, Ella's, etc, you're spoiled for vegan pizza if you want it.


DC is great for vegans overall. There's stuff everywhere!

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