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hello from India


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Hey everyone


I am from India , been a vegetarian since birth , started as a ethical belief but now is more of a moral decision .

I have been working out on and off for over 2 yrs now no real gains really , just a decent frame with 13.5 inchs of biceps and not much to show about .

I will be starting with StrongLifts soon and hope to have all of your help along my new journey to an increased fitness .


Namaste as they say in India

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Hello and welcome to our community! Wow India, its great to see that we are reaching people in so many places around the globe. Come ask questions and post on other peoples threads, like in the journals section. Maybe you'll even want to start your own journal here with us?


Namaste (Those of us that do yoga know the term very well)



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Hey Captfit,

I was wondering are most of your friends and family vegetarian or do they eat meat? The city I live in has very few people from India. And the assumption is that most people from India are vegetarian, but I’m not sure if this is true.


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Hey Mark,

Well everyone in my family is Vegetarian but none of my close friends . They are all Non Vegetarian , In India yes there are a lot of Vegetarian compared to most other nations but its equal in population of non vegetarian eating people specially chicken and mutton and fish in southern part of the nation .

I'd be more than glad to tell you more about India so feel free to ping me here .



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