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Viking training

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Walked a while. There's a place on a hill overlooking the most beautiful valley with chocolate box villages dotted in the trees and fields. I like to sit there and just reflect. Sometimes I will sit there for a couple of hours and something will just dawn on me and unlock a whole trail of thought, that existed in my mind but was never explored. I might realize a whole trail of rabbit-holes in my mind that give me a whole new perspective in life. Like when you have that great idea before you fall asleep and wake up and forget it, except completely lucid and I remember it.

I really enjoyed reading that post, reminds me of what I used to be able to do before the kids came along. Sounds a pretty cool experience and I bet you get a lot out of that.


Walking/easy running is great for clearing the mind and getting the endorphins going again. Keep up with the training as well, you're going good. Enjoy your weekend MF.

I am glad you enjoyed it. Those times of reflection are the most important thing to me ever, I think it would be even more important to me if I had children around. Not just for the peace, but because it brings the best out of me and my children will deserve the best dad that I can possibly be. That is not a judgment of you, I particularly need the time to put my many negative traits in order.

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I've had a nice break from training, strangely I have lost fat and kept my muscle. My neck a bit stiff after letting someone swing from my neck after an attempted take-down but I think I will get back into weight-training again in the next few days. I went for a 6-mile walk/run the other evening, I managed a decent enough pace I think. More to come, hopefully.

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Coffee with whiskey, isnt that an Irish coffee? THose are delicious, not sure about them as part of a training regiment but hey, I'm all for whatever makes people happy.



Haha, I have made a fair few Irish coffee's in my time, nice drink after dinner. Not so sure about having it as a post-training drink but hey, who am I to say that

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