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What's up from Seattle!!


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What's up everyone! Decided to join this forum after being inspired by the dedication and happiness towards vegan body building.


My training history has been mainly sports and martial arts throughout elementary-highschool and random throughout college-now. Never dedicated myself to strength training besides a few months of calisthenics a year ago. Starting mid-August I've been doing strength training (primarily weights). Missed a few sessions in the beginning but so far so good, already very satisfied with the progress. I got a good friend that does personal training that works out with me and critiques form/gives tips.


Weight: 127.5

Height: 5"6


(i apologize for my lack of proper terms, I am slowly learning those along with anatomy)

Current Stats:


wide late cable pull down: 115*5

cable row: 115*5

machine shoulder press: 65*8

db shoulder press: 40's*9

upright bb row: 50*12

shoulder shrugs: 55's*8

bicep db: 25's*8

bicep bb: 50*8



seated leg press: 270*6

leg curls: 160*6

leg extensions: 160*5

standing calf raise: 270*7



db flat bench: 45's*10

bb flat bench: 135*1

db incline: 40's*9

decline machine: 75's*10

dips: 10

seated machine dips: 165*5

cable fly - low: 30*7

cable fly - mid: 35*7

cable fly - high: 40*5

rope pulldowns: 40*6


My vegan history:

Jan 2005 - 15yrs old: Went vegetarian

May 2005 - 15: Went vegan a couple months later after vegetarianism didn't make sense anymore

Mar 2008 - 18: Went omnivorous, with little meat (only ate meat about 10 times to respect people making food).

Oct 2010 - 21: Went vegan again (didn't think respecting people's cooking was worth it)

Oct 2012 - 23 (now): Still vegan



Target weight: 160 lean

Combat shape: fast, agile, strong cardio (10miles jogging), amateur fighting trained

Compete in Spartan Race & Tough Mudder: 3mile first, then progress

Timeline ^^^: 3 years.



Law, Law School, Real Estate, Astrobiology, Graphic Design, Fitness, Photography, Music, Film, Acting, Life Coaching, Sports, Zoology, Writing, Astronomy, Biology, Architecture, Engineering



Excited to build with you all!




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Nice, good stats. Welcome to the group Oscar! Lot's of Seattle members here. Lot's of members from all over the world too which is amazing. I'm originally from Oregon. Robert the creator of this site is also. I'm out in NYC but i'll be in the NW in December, hitting Portland and Seattle to see some fam, do some stand up comedy and hopefully do some early snowboarding. Early season snow westcoast is better than any time snow out east here.

Take a look at the journals section and maybe consider starting your own. Its a good place to be interactive with others here as well as hold yourself accountable by recording your progress and sharing it with other like-minded people.



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