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Hello All


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I'm glad I found this board, as it was otherwise difficult to get involved where people are constantly telling me to eat meat!


I am a 5'7" male, 32 years old. As of February, 2012, I weighed 248 pounds and was totally inactive. I started a juice fast diet that lasted until about March, then I started working out - all the time. As of the end of August, I weighed 186 pounds. I've managed to maintain, with only a 2-3 pound increase over the last three months; likely due to water retention.


My training schedule has been as follows:


Push/Pull on a 4-5 day split, depending on my life schedule. I do four sets of each exercise, and generally between 12 and 16 reps per set, depending on the size of the muscle/muscle group worked (larger gets 16). Exercises include: mil press, shrugs, db press, db fly, tris, cable cross, lat pulldown, low row, underhand pull (not sure of the correct name), assisted chinups, and curls. I also do treadmill intervals that generally last about 30 mins.


Diet includes:


Breakfast - 1 cup quinoa, 1 apple, cinnamon

Lunch - Big salad w/ quinoa or beans

Post Workout - Vega shake with 1 banana

Dinner - 1 cup sauteed veggies/beans over 1 cup quinoa

Before Bed Snack - 1 cup quinoa, 1 apple, cinnamon


Great to meet all of you!

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Hi esquinchi, is that your actual name? Where are you from? Sounds like you are off to a good start with things. Haha looks like you have created something called the quinoa diet where you eat quinoa all day every day. I love the stuff and its definitely healthy for you but you need to switch it up too and eat a variety of foods. Plus if your goal is to lose more weight maybe quinoa once a day instead of 4 times a day would be good for you, it is a carb.

Welcome to our community. Hope to see you continue to share more with us, and maybe start a fitness/diet log in our journals section. Also if you would like help with your meal planning private message me.



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