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heavy metal


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Not on YouTube, but I do have a CD somewhere of my old blues band. Not sure where it is, it's up online somewhere but I'd have to have a hunt and see if I can link it to here.


This was the kind of stuff we played...




Mostly Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired blues shuffles lol. I'll try and get the amp cranked and get a video, one day when all the family are out

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I play guitar, and do some screams


These are from a little festival, we played summer:


Not too good quality, and in the second video I fucked up a note in my solo

I'm the left handed guitarist btw

What guitar do you use, looks kinda like a PRS?


It's a Cort M600, it is a copy of a PRS, but actually I don't like it that much. I have a Cort X-2 too wich is an Ibanez RG copy I like that much better. I just prefer the M600 because of the tone, mahogany sounds much better to mee than basswood.

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