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I used to be fascinated by boxing and I bought a bag and gloves and would train in my basement for fun. I kept hurting my wrists so I stopped.


I've also never thrown a punch in a fight. I've actually never been in a real fight in my life. I guess people generally don't hate me


Boxing is a lot of fun to watch, but not for me to try to compete in.

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I would suggest one get initial instruction from a decent boxing coach 1st (in my humble opinion) otherwise you'll create bad habits that are hard to change, or cause damage to your hands b/c your not taping them properly etc (which I did when I was younger.)


Speed bags are ok, but it'll become boring fast. Heavy bag is a better workout, and they are cheap to find used. I swear by it...best workout!


If you have absolutely no where to hang one you can always get the Wavemaster (the water base filled free standing ones) and simply fill it with riverstone/sand or whatever in the base (otherwise thay are useless- too light). You can also wrap the punching area in lots of duct tape so it feels more like a leather h/bag.


If your in T.O. there are many great boxing or Kick boxing schools there. Mauy thai is more fun and a better workout I persoanllly think.

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Yeah actually a tree is best. I always left them out in the rain tho....then they'd rot on me.... too lazy to take it down ...


I found that the house would take some abuse form the bag jumping around ..so I bought a Monster 7' Thai bag, thats 150 lbs. it's actually much better b/c it hardly moves.

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Not bad at all. Local universities often run classes with decent instructors from local schools. Its usually only 50 bucks a month or so. Nice thing is you can do most of the training at home, and there's no useless kata or what not to memorize.


God knows I don't clasify myself as an expert to any stretch of the Imagination...but having bounced around most of the martial arts out there since 87'... I can honestly say that I feel Mauy Thai is the best standup art for practical use. I don't think it's necessary to compete either to get most of the benifits.


I hate to say it but it's not a wise sport to actually compete in for any length of time. Professional MT fighters have short careers and life long injuries from mild to severe. Although I truly respect them.

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Hey Compassionategirl,


Old thread, I know, but there is a book, not sure if it's still in print, but you could get it at www.alibris.com used, called "The Boxer's Workout" by Peter DePasquale. He wrote it as a seasoned amatuer for people who don't box.


Also find a PAL (police athletic league). I used to workout at one in suburban Sacramento for $25 a year. If you get a bag you can purchase a heavy bag stand that you can put in a room, if a tree is not available.


Speed bags are fun and work your arms and shoulders, as well as rythym. "The Speedbag Bible" by someone who's name I have forgotten, mentions that speedbag work is similar to the rythym a drummer sustains.


Good luck.



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you know what? lol i was just about to make a post about advice on boxing then saw this box.... crazy eh??? anywayz ....


i have a speed bag and it is tough to get started but you shouldnt give up because after awhile its just repetition, its almost just like breathing if you're in the right zen moment ..... ok so you hit the bag once so it bounces off the back of the board then it swings forward and hits the front of the board then goes backwards to bounce off the back once again.......on the way towards you that is when you hit the bag again......people think you hit it so it bounces off the back then you hit it again but thats a no no just keep at it and you'll master it i had to take mine down we're redoing the basement now i have nothing to do....good luck


ive actually been watching the contender again so its getting me all fired up i feel like training again

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