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turning mrbear into a mountain!

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thought id make a log because i find everyone elses so interesting so here goes -



wednesday legs -


5mins cycling to warm up a bit


squats 1 set bar 20 reps

1 set 40kg 20 reps

1 set 60kg 20 reps

1 set 80kg 17 reps droppped to 40kg straight away and did 14 reps


5mins hard cycling to finish


121 crunches


goals are just to get fitter/stronger really no set goals as i just love to exercise whether its light weights, heavy weights or cycling.


todays food -


12 weetabix, 1l almond milk

loaf of wholemeal brown bread 1/2 jar jam

7 satsumas

5 apples

large bowl of pasta

2 tins black eyed beans

1 pint banana coconut and pineapple smoothie

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back biceps and traps tonight, wasnt feeling too motivated tonight had a heavy day in work but a few coffees sorted that out lol.


2 sets 30 reps barbel rows empty bar, 1 set 5 kg disc lateral raises for warm up


pull ups hands facing each other shoulder width apart


1 set 16 reps

1 set 9 reps - straight into 14 negatives


bent over rows

1set 30kg 20 reps

1set 40kg 16 reps

1set 60kg 10reps, drop set to 50kg for 12 reps, drop again to 40kg for 10 reps.



1 set 60kg 20 reps

1 set 90kg 20 reps

2 sets 100kg 20 reps, then 18 reps then drop set to 60kg for 19 reps


olympic barbell curls

1 set 20kg bar 31 reps

1 set 30kg 16 reps


forearms so pumped after this they were hurting lol


vertical sit ups 8 reps (probably resemble one of the bats you look after Ross)


crunches 67


todays food


6 kiwi fruits

3 oranges

1 banana

5 baked potatoes

bowl of pasta with cherry tomatoes

3/4 loaf wholemeal bread with strawberry jam

pineapple and mango smoothie with sugar post workout

brown rice and beans before bed


this weekends plans are - sit down alot, eat alot!

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haha bat sit ups! thats what their called from now on! yeh it is weird i havent had it this bad for ages, mind you i havent done any shrugs so maybe its that. mmmm bread, might go have some more in a min no plans really mate might wash my car if i can be bothered standing up, just rest really. you got anything exciting planned?

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What's a normal day of eating look like for you? I find I get some great nutrition ideas from people on here.


Looking forward to following your training, and as per anybody else feel free to shout out of you want any help or advice with anything. Hope you are having a nice lazy weekend, sounds like you are lol.

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Sounds like you have the right attitude about things mrbear. Haha I am having a hard time not cracking up referring to a real person as mrbear. We should put up a thread about who has eaten the most bananas in a day or have a competition to see who can eat the most.



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Wow, that's an insane amount of bananas !!!!


I miss the big bike rides, when I was training for cycling my longest rides were about 200km which when I was in top condition could knock out in about 5hr30. I found I could maintain my muscle mass a lot better with cycling, but with running it vanishes really fast.


Um, not sure I want to be a part of that banana eating contest haha.

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