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turning mrbear into a mountain!

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thanks Arvid and captfit! it was nice to be properly sore again today


mike mentzer was a bodybuilder in the 80's and 90's and came up with his own training method. high intensity and low volume.......with an emphasis on recovery time. look up some of his stuff on utube or google its interesting! ive done it in the past and found it really good.


hope u guys have got better weather than me!


20mins bike morning and evening

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hey rossco! hows things? erm it takes about 15mins. lol sounds crazy but its sheer hell, it has to be or it wont work i suppose. i nearly threw up yesterday and im acheing like hell today from like 5 sets


i still wanna make a machine but its going to cost quite a bit more than i thought, and i just havent got any money at the moment story of mine and many other lives i guess haha going to have to put up with pull ups for a while


whats next for your home gym mate?

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Bloody hell mate ahha I threw up after a leg workout once hahaha I'm gonna look online about mentzer sounds cool

All good here matey

Yeah I'm broke too :/ well I need proper squat stands hahaha so im waiting for some cheap ones to pop up on amazon. What's your home gym like again?? I know you posted a photo before

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it is good way of training, his books are on ebay for around a tenner usually, very interesting! theres some good vids on utube of him being interviewed by bill phillips......no pic as its a radio interview but still good.


sure some will pop up eventually! i got a powertec workbench rack system, with 180-190kg, an olympic bar, the rack has pull up bars on it, leg extension, ham curls, incline decline bench, some 35 kg dumbells, a few kettle bells, some bands, a sit up bench and a spinning bike lol

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haha sweet man, cant beat a bit of cycling, im on a ripped mission at the minute so i wont be on mine for a while cuz i wanna keep the intensity down.


the cycling thread is cool, never thought of making one! therell be some moneys worth of bikes going up there now


bbq sounds good! ill go get some tomoro, i had the chilli ones b4 but they werent too nice i didnt think! cheers for the heads up rossco!

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hey MF not much on really just chilling i think, what about you? backs getting there slowly i was digging by hand yesterday and its no worse so thats good. i have been doing trigger point therapy on it my self and it seems to be helping! hows the weather with you still really hot?

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