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turning mrbear into a mountain!

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alright fellas, haha not snowed in again thank god........its still bloody raining tho, getting soaked everyday in work! had some stuff going on but still training, just not been feeling too positive so havent bothered logging anything.


hope things r good with u guys!

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Damn... i hope everything's gonna be better quite soon! I feel for ya mate... :/



thanks mate, and everyone else who is being so positive! worked out tonight, did shoulders and back, no injuries, re-ocuring injuries, or pains for a change! sweet! currently have and infection in my knee and taking anti biotics which are making me feel tired (probably why ive been a bit miserable the last few days), i hate taking anything like anti biotics! how i got it i dont know as i havent even broken the skin but there we go.......its going down now so just trying to look after it in work etc, not easy when your doing heavy ground works

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Thanks for the well wishes Mike, appreciate it. Gonna try and kick some butt tonight woohoo.


How's your week been, much on for this weekend?


im sure you will kick some butt mate, i wouldnt be suprised if everyone has heard your coming and stayed at home


weeks been busy as hell in work so just going to chill out this weekend i think! u having a weekend off after the meet?

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hey whats with the anti cardio police this morning

Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to step off the bicycle and pick up some weight


How you doin mike?? Everything alright in wales??




sorry mate forgot to reply to the second bit! im doing ok thanks mate, day off today and its sunny so im going to sit in the garden and get some much needed vitamin d! how about you? did u say ur off all week?

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