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turning mrbear into a mountain!

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thanks guys! really made up!



tried the 1 1/4 rep technique on benching, makes a huge difference, really hard! more than halved some of my reps........i will definately look into doing a cycle of it soon!


went to the chiropractor tonight so wont train till probably tuesday now!

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20 miles on the bike today, fitness was suprisingly good considering ive done no cardio for ages and have got fat, i still got plenty of power on the flat but hauling 11kgs extra weight up the big hills slows me down. was good tho, beautiful day and scenery!

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all good here thanks pal, weathers amazing getting nice and brown now! is it the same in the isle of wight?



thanks mf having a couple of weeks off training now then start hard again, i reckon i can improve on the bench quite a bit as long as nothing starts hurting!


hows things with you? are you just training gently for now?


have a good sunday fellas!

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yo MF hows things buddy? im not training anymore due to getting endless injuries. started doing indoor climbing for now which im loving but my forearms arent haha, im a bit lighter now, my beard is longer and im still loving the vegan lifestyle so i cant complain! thanks for stopping by to say hello


ps iam going to make more of an effort to start posting here again, since giving up weights and not feeling like a bodybuilder (or looking like one ) i just sort of got out of the habit of signing in. would like to stay in touch with ppl here tho so ill start posting again

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Hi Mike,


The rock climbing sounds the ticket, if i was to scale a wall there would be planes out to shoot me down lol.


If ya don't mind me asking, what injuries did you sustain? or was it recurring niggling ones?


I've had my fair share of injuries (knee, shoulder and back), but none that has ever made me give up my passion. Anyone willing to move mountains know's there is a change getting injured, it takes guts, but its the difference between mediocre or a champion.


Since getting injured, I've found ways around them, pre-exhaustion and static holds being the best ways i've found, also, not preforming movements that i don't have the right bodytype for.


In some ways getting injured was one of the best things that happened to me, as we know, strength training has many fantastic benefits, what many are unaware of (or ignorant to), is the fact that strength training has a damage element (getting injured made me keenly aware of this). One should aim to minimize / eliminate the negative elements of exercise - while at the same time keeping the positive elements.

There again, bad form is not always the only cause of injures. Injuries can occur while using a full range of motion with "perfect form", we've been told a full range of motion is the best way too train.....i disagree, for the very reason John Little stated in his MCT books...


"Even moderately heavy weights lifting throughout a full range of motion increases the chances of injury, owing to the sheer forces that impinge on the joints and connective tissues when bones and ligaments are required to move through arcs and positions of disadvantaged leverage"



Anyway, best of luck, and i hope you get back on the iron horse:)


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hey Rob thanks for stopping by to post! i just have many reoccuring injuries and pains that stem back to quite a crazy youth crashing motocross bikes, downhill bikes, jumping off 90ft cliffs into the sea and so on.........ive trained around them all for years but the point has come now where i no longer want to have the pain and hassle of something going and having to be off work and watching ll my hard work go down the drain.........ive been to osteos and chiropractors but they only seem to fix things temporarily........there is a history of bad backs in my family and i think my being a fool with extreme sports and being a builder has just highlighted it.......on the plus side i really love climbing and it doesnt seem to hurt anything other than my forearm muscles and the skin on my hands hahaha maybe a few months of climbing and stretching with help get me back to weights next year sometime? the most important thing is staying vegan thanks againRob (you too MF)




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That's a petty Mike, hopefully ya get your mojo back for the iron again soon:)


I know all about back issues, i've two herniated disc's in my lower back, back injuries are bastards!!


If your ever planing a trip to Northern Ireland, make sure and give me a shout, i'll take to my gym and show ya some cool techniques to work around any injuries and still get the most from your workouts:)


Best wishes


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