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turning mrbear into a mountain!

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friday, back! weighed in at 84.9 kilos today havent weight myself for a while



after MF and rossco talking bout deadlifts, i decided to start doing them again tonight, i wanted to stay light and work on technique but couldnt resist going a bit heavier.


1 set 20kg 30reps

1 set 60kg 10 reps

1 set 80kg 10 reps

1 set 100kg 10 reps (failure)

1 set 40kg 20 reps


5 mins stretching


30mins fast spinning bike


was made up to deadlift 100kg again its hard to lower the weight tho because im upstairs on a wooden floor so i have to slow right down for the last inch or so of the rep so it doesnt damage to floor ill probably keep the weight down next week and go for 20 with 80kg, and 15 with 90kg


food today


6 slicesbrown bread toast with jam

2 cups brown rice

1tin butter beans

1tin black eyed beans

6 baked potatoes

1 pineapple

small dry salad

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wahey! good to see you deadlifting! high rep deads feel great don't they :P?

get yourself a couple of spongey mats? I have some that were intended for taking camping but they've become a little platform for the weights in my room haha, where did you get your weights from dude? I got mine from argos (lol) agessss ago but only have up to 35Kg at home.

also noticed loads of beans in your food for today I just got a tin of the new heinz 5 bean its so good!

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yeh they do mate forgot how much deads get your legs and lungs! ah yeh good idea with the mats might save me from landing up in the kitchen ill go look for some tomorow. i got my weights from fitness super store online. ive got a big powertec squat rack thing, a bench that goes incline, its got a leg extensions with it but i never use it. and olympic bar, 200kg of weight discs, some 35kg dumbells, and a 12kg kettlebell. the rack has chin up handles on it and ive got a spinning bike too, it looks like a sports science lab in my room


yeh lovin the beans! heinz 5 bean? wow sounds like my dream tin of beans, tell me more

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holy shit that sounds amazing!! Currently saving for a deposit as I'm getting a decent place with the mrs next summer so can't invest in something that cool just yet but I'll need a set up like that! it'll save me a lot of money in the long run paying for gym memberships and petrol money getting there :P

yeah they're standard heinz baked beans but consist of 5 different types of bean

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theres a pic of it a few pages back somewhere. i think it was 500quid for the rack bench and all the weights but its a proper heavy duty 3inch box section one, i got in on good old 0% finance about 5 years ago. fitness-superstore.co.uk brilliant place. its definately works out cheaper, plus you can have the music as loud as you want, and shout YEAH BUDDY whenever you like too


first stop tomoro is tesco for some heinz dream beanz!

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just bean (couldnt resist) out to get the beanz, very tasty, just had a tin on toast! might have another one for lunch


dug out my mike mentzer books last night, might give one of his programs ago again, i did it a while back and had pretty good results. any one tried it?




pasta chopped garlic, 2 tins of beans, whole leafy lettuce


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yeh my food is simple, i cant be bothered cooking fancy stuff lol just big portions and im happy. my forearms feel fine today! was hoping for some soreness, do some more tonight with more weight. ive woken up with a sore back for some reason today hopefully it will ease off in a bit.


ive got a mike mentzer dvd, and 'the wisdom of mike mentzer' also 'high intensity training the mike mentzer way'. like how he recommends a diet of 60%+ carbs dont hear bodybuilders saying that these days.

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monday supposed to be chest triceps and shoulders, ended up being chest forearms and cardio?


bench press


1 set 20kg bar 50 reps

1 set 40kg 15 reps

1 set 60kg 5 reps


6 sets of 1 rep 90kg 1 min between sets


1 set 60 kg 12 reps

1 set bar 30 reps



2sets standing behind back wirst curls 20kg to failure

2sets seated wrist curls 20kg to failure


2 sets to failure on the roller of death my forearms were so pumped after this veins popping out everywhere awesome!


30mins cycling





1/2 loaf wholemeal bread

1/2 jar blackcurrant jam

3 cups (b4 cooking) brown rice

4 slices toast

6 baked potatoes

bowl of roast veg

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what a way to spend your birthday! doing squats was supposed to do this last night but loads of family came round cuz they know ill be out on my birthday to avoid the fuss



10mins bike


squats -


20kg 20reps

60kg 10reps

90kg 6 reps

60kg 26 reps

60kg 18reps

40kg 16reps ass to heels, like doing these at the end....... really hard and im guessing helps with flexibility a bit!


standing behind back wrist curls -


20kg to failure

no rest

30kg to failure

30 seconds

30kg to failure

no rest

20kg to failure


2 sets to failure on the life wrecker, i mean roller


15mins bike


cant be bothered posting my food as its never any different, will just put a random pic up for people to laugh at now and again!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! training on your birthday is dedication on mine the mrs made me a vegan chocolate cake and I drank ale all day haha

that wrist roller sounds like hell haha! have you noticed forearm improvements yet?

also I took the liberty of calculating a 1 rep max on your squats (90Kg x 6) that gives you a 1rm of 107! good number man have you done heavier before??

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cheers buddy! chocolate cake and ale ive not had a vegan cake, they good?


it is hell but i love training forearms they look so cool for a bit after all pumped up and veiny haha i found it easier 2nite than the other day so must be working! make one mate its pumps your whole arm up!


107? ok for a cyclist/weight trainer i suppose, yeh i used to be able to lift alot more on everything, but that was when i was a big lump at a touch under 17stone, taking evry supplement under the sun and eating about a million calories a day of, well pretty much anything


i keep forgetting that im much lighter now so my lifts arent going to be as good.


you training tomorow?

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vegan cakes are fantastic! my father in law is an old fashioned farmer and was reluctant to eat some of it but once he did he had seconds haha

how did you make it? I used to do light forearm curls and a weird yet effective technique where you hold two or three full bottles of wine or water, (wine bottles are better) inbetween your fingers and walk. sounds odd but maybe that's because I'm not explaining it right haha regardless of that you get a killer forearm workout, hurts like shit!!

well that's still an impressive number bloody hell you used to be heavy haha, what weight are you at now?

yeah I'm training tomorrow lunch time, I was gonna squat but lunges yesterday have resulted in pretty bad leg doms :/ maybe I'll deadlift and hit shoulders again haha. you training tomorrow? got much planned for the weekend?

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hmmm i might have to try and make one sumtime! haha is he old school and thinks vegans are nuts?



i just got a scaffold tube and covered it in bandage and tied a rope around it in the middle about 3 foot long. just tie the rope to weights then twist in your hands and wind the weight up then do the same to lower it! eh? i cant picture your bottle workout! yeh i was a big lump, not much definition but was strong, im 84kg now so around 13 stone something i think, racing bear!


ah leg DOMS lovely innit sweet, i might hit the deadlifts again too but if my lower back is stiff after the squats ill just do some rows + chins etc


no plans for the weekend really, might get the ducks some new houses and stuff like that! what about you? are u working again?

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