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I would elevate and ice. Then again, I can't remember all the stuff I used to know about cryotherapy, and all that stuff.


But I would elevate it, and ice it off and on during the day. Try to get the swelling to go down. Take it easy and get it rested.


I hope you get over it soon. I know injuries suck because they slow you down, and of course hurt a little too.


Was it a good wrestling match?


You are living my dream and it is great! I really enjoy the reports you send me about what you're up to.


Get well soon brother,



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Was it a good wrestling match?


Not particularly!! It was my first actual match I messed up a few spots. But eh, it was a learning expeirence!!

It was a tag match and I was a bad guy!!


Congrats on the first actual match! That is really soon, after only being in school for a short while. You must be doing really well!


Haha, great you got to be the bad guy


I'd love to hear more so keep me/us updated.


Get well soon,

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