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I met Daywalker and K-oz


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at this year's demonstration against the fur-fair in frankfurt yesterday, i met daywalker and k-oz. we had some nice conversation and i felt quite tiny compared to him

here are some pictures to give you an impression of this event (i think it was awesome!)



first, daywalker, k-oz and lelle



although it was only a play, this skinning-scene made me feel sick and sad



this guy was awesome, the sign says "i am an unconscionable asshole, i wear fur"



lelle needs sleep badly, after being awake for more than 26 hours


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Great photos! Thanks for sharing Lelle!


I hope to be able to say that someday soon too, "I met Daywalker and K-oz!"


How cool! I love the fact that forum members are meeting in person. I know many of you have hung out, met up, etc. and it is great!


I think I'll meet Madcat and Aaron and a VegFest in Portland next weekend (at least I hope so, so you Portland kids should attend!).


Thanks again for the photos, I know I would feel small next to Daywalker too.



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