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Greetings from germany!

Arvid Beck

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Hi guys!

I'm arvid, 30y old, and i come from düsseldorf, germany...

I practice bodybuilding for about 12 years now. In the past i also ate meat, just like most people and especially bodybuilders. But then i became vegetarian and for at least two years now, i live a vegan lifestyle. Best choice!

I love bodybuilding and i also compete... who wants to learn more about me and follow my training/bodybuilding/competition career, can "like" my page on facebook.com/arvidbeckbodybuilder


Veganbodybuilding is a great website for all vegan fitness freaks, so they can see that they're not alone!

Thanks to robert cheeke!

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@mrbear666: thanks a lot! well, i listen to almost all kinds of music, depending on my mood... but i also listen to rammstein, yeah... they've got some pretty cool songs, especially if ya use them for your training! ;D


@robert: thank you! I'm sure i'll enjoy the forum!


Tried to add you on facebook, but you already had too many requests! ;D anyway... keep up the good work here and all the best for your health and your training!

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@mrbear666: well, unfortunately i don't have a lot of time since my working day is pretty long and i also stuy beside work, but i'll try post my training here! If enough people are interested...


Thx vegan_rossco! i bet most people would be surprised since i'm really not the strongest athlete around, haha!

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