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It's a good idea to do 5-10 minutes of light cardio before working out. Just to get warmed up. This can be accomplished by doing some light weight warm up sets, or a low paced walk / stair master / similar.


Your main fat burning cardio should be done after your workout. At this point your energy reserves will be depleted and your body will have no choice but to burn fat.

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Well yes you should do it,cardio is very good for you body.You should make it a part of your training/exercise.

Do it on regular basis.

It controls weight.

It combats health conditions and diseases.

Make your mood better.

Boosts your energy.

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I know this thread is fairly old now but have you guys tried thinking outside the box for cardio, for example, martial arts classes, playing football/basketball or even something like tennis or volleyball?? I'm planning on cutting a little bit for summer because I'm a vain bastard but I hate running.. I'm planning on doing a lot of MMA, taekwondo and footy!

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