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Absurdly good hot cocoa.

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It's getting cold up here in the mountains and mom and I like to have hot cocoa in front of the fire. So here is my super duper yeti approved hot cocoa recipe.


Makes two 10oz cups


2.5 TBSP organic cocoa powder (12-14gg)

1 heaping tsp Stevia (= 1TBSP sugar( 4g-5g)

1, 2, or 3 tsp maple syrup (You need to dial it in for sweetness, I hate table sugar and refuse to use it)

10oz water

10oz non-milk (I like a creamy vanilla non-milk, if you use almond or rice milk, perhaps use a bit more cocoa)

Dash of cinnamon

Dash of all spice

Dash of ginger

Dash of vanilla


So, throw all this crap in a jar, shaker, whatever and shake it all up, dump it in a pan and heat on med while whisking constantly



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