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Hey VBB&Fers,


So I have started going to the gym, I got a couple free PT sessions but didnt really gain anything specific for my posture.


My posture has been fairly bad even since I can remember, it is slouched. Not just sitting but even when standing and I would like to improve it.


I need to work on getting my shoulders back and chest out more.


Anyone know some really good resources?


I realise I could look on the net, but this community is better than random stuff

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One way you can help your posture is by retracting your scapula when doing certain upper back exercises like lat pulldowns and seated rows. At the start of the movement, retract your scapula and the keep it that way while going through the motion.


Another thing you can do is develop your rear deltoids so that they can pull your muscles and alignment back into the proper form at rest. You can use the pec dec machine in reverse or use dumbbells and sit revers position on an incline bench to to some reverse flyes. Those are two of my preferred ways to train them,


Hope this helps!

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- swimming regularly using the back stroke........incredibly effective


- yoga..loosens tight muscles, strengthen weak ones, makes it easier to stand up straight


- cylindrical pillow ( Google on "lumbar support role" ) between the small of your back and chair when you are sitting down. It makes it much easier to sit up straight.


- raise your computer monitor. Anytime you have to look up a little your posture will automatically


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Cheers guys, I have just given yoga a go with the girl. So unco haha, but will stick at it. Will make sure I raise my monitor tomorrow, mine are too low just thinking about it.


Will make tomorrows focus, my scapula movement at the gym!


Will update this thread if I remember with how my progress is going

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