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Good luck with your goals


No offence intended, but are you sure that you're a 32-34' waist? Just asking as I usually have to buy 30' pants' (my waist is 28.5'), 5-7% bodyfat and weigh about 140!




Look forward to following with your progress, what does your nutrition and training look like? Regards MF.

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thank you.


i always do measurements first thing in the am.36 size pants are too baggy for me these days will update my measurements been awhile.sure my bodyfat percantage is higher these days since i was massing up for awhile.


right now workout wise i'm doing supersets and high reps.seeing if i can get my bodyfat down enough to do a body building show.


food wise i been switching up alot loads of veggies,tempeh ,tofu,almond butter and hemp protein.

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