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2006 Spring Shape-Up Contest!

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These are VERY good ideas! I kept a journal when I did mine, but we don't require it or anything like that. But that is a great way to track progress...what went right and what went wrong.


Measurements are a good idea for those interested in that.


Online journals, those sound good, you can exchange notes during the contest.


Anyway you do it, I'm sure it will be great.


This whole thing is just to inspire you to take on a challenge, have a great time, reward you for your efforts, and raffle off and award a ton of prizes to everyone who completes the challenge. It will also be a great media avenue for the winners. We'll make sure they get lots of exposure on the internet and other places.


Remember not everyone wishes to enter photos to be voted on, but those who do, will be up for awesome prizes and acknowledgements.


Thanks for the ideas savebabe, I'm sure they will help a lot of people!

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Yeah, you'll be fine.


A few of us will come up with some generic plans to follow....things that have helped us in the past. Most people will be on their own agenda because everyone has their own personal goal, but I will try to come up with some nutrition and training programs for a few basic goals.


All the best!



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Oh yeah, we'll feature the winners, no problem with that. We love to feature as many vegan athletes as we can. I don't always get around to it as often as I should but for the contest winners, yeah, for sure we will get them in huge features.


Trust me, there will be no shortage of prizes. Those who know me, know that one of my favorite things is giving stuff away. We did a bunch of raffles around the winter holidays for free stuff and I have more and more connections within the vegan community than every before so things are being donated all the time.


It is going to ROCK! So I hope many of you will enter. So far we have a good number from a variety of sites, so it is encouraging.


All the best to all of you!

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What you intend to get out of the 12 weeks (apart from a chill in my tush)


That's a great point (the intention part, not the tush part). I really like that this 'contest' will judge the biggest transformation relative to the person's goal. So my goal will likely be to gain muscle overall, while at the same time flattening the belly, toning the midsection. On the other hand, someone else's goal may be to simply gain muscle mass. And another's may be to lose lbs.


I plan on taking my pictures with my goal in mind.


And then for my pics at the end of the contest, I'm just going to photoshop my head on Robert's body.

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Good idea! I'll think I'll do the same! I plan to acheive a fitter physique. I am implementing a jogging regime (not so concerned about dropping body fat as I suffer from extreme burn out-I think its called choas stress). But, I will post my body measurements every month, and my daily diet/exercise. I've never been concerned if people think I'm too thin, or fat. I've got a high enough opinion of myself not to be concerned. Hopefully it will help other people as well.

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I've never been concerned if people think I'm too thin, or fat. I've got a high enough opinion of myself not to be concerned.


what an awesome attitude!


Do you run on the road or trail run? I love trail running. There's something, I don't know, primal about it - running through the woods. Just feels really natural.

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I love to jog in the "outdoors". Trail runs are about all I can do where I live as we are in a very rural part of Australia. I used to get burnt lungs from jogging (even at 4am) in the city (Melbourne).


My plan of attack so far is this: (my husband thinks I'm batty as I told him he had to take photo's of me once again-I do a 12 week challenge at least 2 x a year).


5:30-6:00 am get up and do 1/2-1hr qigong


weight training 2 x a week

(one day legs, one day upper body) either (Tues, Thurs), or (Mon, Wed)


4:30pm 1 1/2 hrs walking/jogging


8:30pm + 1/2-1 1/2 hrs Power Yoga


MAJOR OVERHAUL ON DIET (liquorice for lunch on a Sunday deosn't cut the mustard!)



The only extras on my daily exercise regime are the qigong and yoga (I'm am so not flexible )

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Thanks to everyone who has already sent BEFORE photos. You still have 4 more days to get them taken.


Please take them by March 31st and to be eligible for contest prizes, etc. send them by April 15th. Everyone who gets them in by April 15th will be eligible for contest prizes.


I got a bunch of other items donated for random drawing raffle prizes. So everyone involved is going to come away with a book, DVD, gift certificate, food, or something along those lines.


Just a reminder to get those photos in and we'll worry about the short bio at the end, just so people can see what your goals were as they look at the before and after photos.


All the best!

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Is anyone going to be doing an on-line training journal????


I like this idea, savebabe, I was thinking something similar - I don't know how much of a visual difference I'll have, but things like weight and measurements might truly show my progress. It would also be interesting to post what sorts of exercises and foods I'm enjoying each day...


Any suggestions on WHERE we might post a journal like this?


Rob, finbarrio and I are going to send you our pics tonight...AAAAAH!

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Awesome, I'm collecting photos everyday from people getting them in.....remember they should be taken by March 31st, but don't need to be sent until April 15th because I know everyone has a busy life. But the sooner the better, and easier for me to organize things.


You can keep the nutrition in the Online Training Journals section, just refer to it as your Body Transformation Nutrition Journal or something like that.


If you find another category feel free to use it instead. I know there is possibly a small glitch in the Training Journal section because it doesn't like when you copy and paste stuff into threads, and I'm not sure why.


But we'll give it a go, and I can always move things later if we decide to put it in the Nutrition section or somewhere else.


Since I'm condensing sections over the next few weeks, we could even start a small Body Transformation section to post nutrition programs, training programs, progress pics, chat, vent, etc. We'll think about it.


All the best!

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Let the games begin! Time to get those photos taken!


Thanks to all of you who have already sent them.


I will extend it a few more days as far as taking the pics, but get them done by April 3rd please and send them shortly after. The sooner the more time you have to alter your physique to see results.


Feel free to keep nutrition and training logs for this contest and we'll post some general programs and principles that have helped some of us in the past with these types of contests.


Have fun!

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Yeah, this may be a while because I allowed April 15th as the deadline for submitting photos, although they need to be taken ASAP and really the longer they are pushed back, the less a person has to make a change in their physique.


I am cutting off all entries at April 15th, but I'm encouraging people to TAKE the photos no later than April 3rd.


We have a very good balance of people with a variety of goals. It is pretty inspiring!


I also got OrganicAthlete.org to donate some stuff. I will get some from PETA too. We will have so many awesome vegan prizes for all who complete the contest, it will be fantastic!


I will try to post a list of who's in, assuming I get the OK from the competitors to do so, but I will at least give a number after April 15th.


Thanks for checking in.

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Thanks Robert


and a huge THANK YOU for doing this!!!

You have an amazing amount of energy


btw I didn't specify a goal when I submitted my pix

(although it may have been self explanatory when viewed)


Looking forward to it and thanks again VERY much appreciated


In the words of Big John McCarthy:




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Cool, glad you're excited about the contest too!


I didn't require a bio about goals before the contest, although it is a good idea. I just wanted to list it at the end with the Before AND After photos so those voting/viewing can see what each person's individual goal was.


Again, not everyone has wished to have their photos up for voting, so I'm just keeping them on file. Everyone who finishes wins something. Finishing meaning you send After photos and a short bio at the very end.


Thanks again to everyone involved!

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It is still OK to enter but the sooner the better and ALL entries must be received by April 15th to be considered for this challenge.



There will be another Body Transformation Challenge in the summer as well. So if you miss this one, it is OK.


Just wanted to let you all know, you can still enter but may only have 11 or 10 weeks since we have a specific ending date.


All the best!

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My pics will be sent (when I remember to bring my camera into work ). I'm starting my on-line training journal today, and will post my pre-comp measurements tomm (regardless if I remember to post pics or not ). Luckily the prizes are not my motivational focus!

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Cool. I've collected lots of pics from people from all over the world so it has been quite exciting. I've been surprised that there have been just as many non-forum members as forum members who have entered the contest. (I also posted it on myspace.com, care2.com, tribe.net and other places).


I know Prize stuff isn't a motivation for everyone, and should be secondary to increased health and fitness, but it is really fun for me because I LOVE giving stuff away. We're getting great donations too so the vegan community is supporting this project well.


I'm still letting people enter, they will just have a shorter time, maybe just 10 or 11 weeks, but it will be closed on April 15th for sure and the Ending Date will Not change.


Have fun everyone. I'll continue to post articles and tips to help you out during your body transformation.

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I don't think I can get my hands on anything that big, but I'm typically getting about $100 worth of products from each company I talk to, so it's pretty cool.


How is everyone doing so far? It is day #4.


I am still allowing last-minute entries but everything will be closed off for this contest on April 15th, which is the date I said I needed the photos Sent to me by.


So get them to me by the 15th and you're in and if not, we have another one coming up this summer.


After the 15th, I'll post the total number of people doing the contest. I think it is around 20 so far. So not a huge number, but a nice solid group and we hope to get the exact same number of people to send After photos....meaning everyone stuck with it.


All the best,



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My experience so far has been pretty positive.

My metabolism is really kicking into gear.

Had some very valuable advice from some group members.

Jonathan was kind enough to tweak my workout plan.

Adrienne & Bronco also helped me realize the importance of a rest day!


That will be valuable advice since I have a history of overdoing things and coming down with a cold.

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