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I do not find the diet to be harder without fruit. As long as calorie intake is sufficient, I never have any issues with 1-2 servings per day of fruit.


Meals look like:

1) brown rice, veggies, raw vegan protein

2) raw vegan protein bar, veggies

3) soy milk, banana

4) wrap with rice, veggies, hummus, raw vegan protein

5) green juice

6) raw vegan protein, large salad and/or vegetable soup with beans and/or rice

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Do you notice a flatter stomach with 1 or 2 fruits a day. Are you allowed to eat nuts on your diet.


Too soon to tell so far, but I had a flat stomach to begin with I have never leaned out using fruits and vegetables only. I have always had a low fat intake (not abnormally). Even when I am putting on muscle mass, I have no issues with a non-flat stomach. As part of leaning out, obviously, my abdominals will come out now that I am in season for my competition in 3 months.


Arvid - Thank you for your interest! My calorie intake is high in accordance with my amount of activity. I am averaging around 1600-1900 now, as I am no longer trying to put on mass (hopefully enough for this competition!). I am also a dancer, so aside from my weight training, I have hours of dance a day, which definitely uses up the fuel!


Everyone is extremely different, so you really have to play around with what works for you. It took me a long time!

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That's true asgard... everyone has to find out what works best for him or her.


I achieve better results with a rather low calorie and carb amount. And i also made the experience that a lot of cardio doesn't work very well for me... my muscles always get very flat and lose volume. I think low carb and pure weight training for most of the preparation time works best for me...

But if you do a lot of dancing or other training, i understand that you need more fuel... )

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Wow Arvid, you must be a real warrior! I cannot imagine a low intake of carbohydrates, hee hee. That must take so much dedication. But, I can agree, I have the same experience with cardio... Too much cardio definitely makes your muscles deflated.


I am following you on facebook. I am curious, you live in Germany Arvid? or USA? Half my family is German! But I am Finnish, and live in USA.

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Thanks a lot! well... actually it's really hard for me, caus normally i love eatin carbs ;( but i hardly lose weight if i eat to many of them - that's the problem. So i kind of have no other option than reducing my carb intake to a minimum...

Interesting that you made the same experience concerning cardio


Funny!! xD yeah, i live in germany! I was born here and my parents were also german, but my name is swedish! Haha!

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