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No idea, more fat than muscle cos I've just been making sure I'm not hungry, there must be some gains I recon, I didn't think I had an ego until I started lifting haha I'm looking forward to adding weight to the bar after someone else uses it not take it off

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i work in care with adults with learning difficulties, and i got tackled to the floor out of the blue, went over on my knee and jarred my shoulder trying to miss the table. luckily this is my weekend off this month and all ive got planned is bowling tomorow for my little sisters birthday, gym sunday and just chilling with the misses. fingers crossed.

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day fifteen of strong lifts 5x5




bench press


barbell row



serious beast mode today, smashed everything.

weigh in day

up 0.3kg of muscle but also up .5kg of fat, not surprised as my nutrition has been poor but now that ive been paid im gonna be cooking all day tomorrow after work and eating clean


but the best part of today, my injuries from work dont affect lifting at all my knee only seems tp play up when torque is applied, so its just squash thats out of the window for a week or two

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Yes ed!!

Glad the injuries aren't a hinderance! I'm stoked to get on it tomorrow!

In regards to the weigh in, at least you've definitely put on some muscle! And that little bit of fat isn't gonna hurt I've put a fair bit on recently which doesn't really bother me too much (:

When are you next working dude? Has the problem been resolved?

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day sixteen of strong lifts 5x5










my knee felt very ropey on my warm up squat set so I've decided to leave my ego at the door and have a week off from them and go see the doctor and find out whats up, id rather have a week off and be behind on progress than blow my knee and have six months off on everything.

tried seated press and managed a little better than last time so ill be back to standard presses next time. and on a slightly better note i absolutely nailed my reads, even managed a cheeky extra rep to celebrate .

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