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klaatus journey

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Wrong answer! :P you'll do fine man! But doing it in the squat rack is definitely a good idea if you don't have a spotter, it'll make you more confident and more willing to try if you know there's no chance you'll get your neck crushed baha.

Ahh lucky you man enjoy your weekend! All good hear man no training now until monday but may throw in some cardio for fun

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day 24









i think ive cracked it, press was finally fun, and i really powered that weight up, really suprised my self with deads, was a battle but did it, my grip started to fail on the last two reps, so that needs addressing.


and sensai ross, forgive me for doubting you and myself


not a single twinge in my knee either so a pretty damn good day, apart from the huge bruise growing just above my right knee from deads hahaha

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day 25






barbell row




was in serious beast mode with squats, dont know if its because i had a good stretch before or what but i sailed through, was amazing, but after last bench session i started to feel a pinch in my right shoulder and it came back today when i was benching the empty bar, i think i over pushed my self last time and ive annoyed my rotator cuff. so i didnt want to tempt fate so im leaving the bench be for a week or so whilst i strengthen my shoulders. rows were fine apart from i didnt manage to get contact between my abdomen and gar on a couple of reps, so let my ego take the hit instead of my form.

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day 27










squats were good, presses were really good, i think ive finally got my form sorted and im now seeing the attraction. only managed 2 reps on deads, no particular reason was just not my day, bring on next time.

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yeah im feeling most of the changes in my back, just want my chest to get a move on, yeah its bench and rows today but unfortunately im having to give benching a week off because ive got to let my right rotator cuff a rest after the last session hows things with you?

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so now that the weather is finally improving im back out on my bike, which is a very good thing. but this was before i started lifting. so im worried how ill be able to get big miles under my belt and still gain muscle. i dont cycle hard just like to pootle along but for long distances so my hr doesnt get to high too often. i burn an average of 50ish calories a mile so if i go say 20 miles ill need to eat another 1000cal to make up the deficit, i understand carbs before hand will build up stores to burn when im cycling and protein after will heal muscle damage as normal, is this enough?


on a side note i had a look at chris hoys training (as his lowerbody at least is fricking rediculous), he can leg press 631kg, thats just under 100 stone for gods sake.

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haha, i had the same feeling with lance armstrong.........i think at a low intensity youll be fine, i cycle quite alot but as long as i do it slowly/low intensity it doesnt seem to affect weight training strength etc........ as soon as i start pushing it hard though i start to get really thin, lose muscle as well as fat!

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