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Jub, a Vegan in the Gym


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Woops, so havent done my last two workouts here. Did a workout last Thursday. Sundays workout - pushing planes. Went on a friends 4-seater plane and having to move planes in and out of the hangers was insane!


15 trips to the gym. 9/15

Be over 150lb for majority of August. 5th: 148.2lb, 8th: 151.2lb, 9th: 151.6lb, 11th: 150.0lb, 14th: 151.3lb, 15th: 151.3lb, 21st: 150.5lb

Blog here 10 times at least. 7/10

Not be working at FedEx. Still working at FedEx.


Happy Im still over 150lb!!


Todays workout:


Alt Lat Raises: 15 x 10, 15 x 20, 15 x 20, 15 x 20

Dip Machine: 95 x 8, 125 x 15, 125 x 15, 125 x 15

Assisted Dip: 55 x 15, 40 x 12, 40 x 12, 40 x 15

Arm Curl: 50 x 10, 50 x 12, 60 x 10, 60 x 12

5 mins elbow rehab

5 min ab work

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Last day of slack September....didn't go to the gym at all (not at all since my last post).


So its clear that I need to be posting here for my motivation.


Was still active in September biking everywhere but my strength will have definitely decreased and am slightly squishier.


Did go camping one weekend, and we biked with tents etc on the bikes to the destination. That was great fun. Round trip was 150km or so, good times.


Not sure of October goals yet, other than, get back in the gym!

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JubNZ, you can do it- I also had a slack September and I was feeling the effects...just got back into the gym to shed a few lbs and gain some strength back. You can def get back to crushing it in no time!


Cheers mate, crazy how you feel it a!


Just sounds like you like to do a bit of everything and you have great, all-round fitness ~ that camping trip sounds pretty awesome btw !!


Thanks man, think your right....went for a 20 min run today. Going to play Squash tomorrow, first time in many years.


Was a sweet trip!

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Hey, when does vegangyms.com expect to launch?


Hey mate,


Initially was planning to be just before Christmas, but I realised the direction needed to be more precise, so realistically I am hoping for early Feb. (will send you a PM later on today)

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When are you back in NZ again? Was good to chat to you on the phone, would be even better if we could catch up face to face.


If I have a spare day it would be pretty cool to fly up and meet you, could do some training, eat and chew the fat.


Hey man,


Not sure when I will be back next, was in Melbourne a couple weeks ago for a few days, didnt make it to NZ though. In Thailand atm, will be for the next few months, good to not live out of a suitcase for a bit


Will send ya a PM later on too

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Got your PM ~ thanks. Sounds great. I'll try and take a look into it this weekend, work has been so full on I haven't even had a spare 10mins to sit down and get on here as you might have noticed ?!


Any way I can help though, I will do my very best. You have my word.


Cheers mate, no rush.


2 rugrats plus the store, dont know how you do it!

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