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Easy low carb vegan recipes?


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I have always been a big lover of carbs, my mom used to call me starch queen. I am going to Thailand in a week and I want to be good and eat low carbs until then and also learn some new recipes and ideas for when i get back. Generally vegetable soups, chili, and stir-fry are my go to low carb foods. Also i live in China so I can't get like fake meats and cheeses and etc. so the simpler the better! thank you for any ideas. =)

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JIM'S WINTER WARMER (serves two)






4 x large field mushrooms

1/2 an onion

1 x tin chickpeas

400ml coconut milk

2 x tbsp coconut oil

250g firm tofu

2 x cloves chopped garlic

2 x bay leaves

1/2 tsp cumin

1/4 tsp tumeric

1/4 tsp ocean/sea salt

1 x red chili

Palmful of fresh baby spinach




Melt a tablespoon of coconut oil, add in a clove of chopped garlic and stir fry the tofu until yellow and crispy. Once cooked, remove and put aside.


Add the second tablespoon of coconut oil and throw in the the second clove of chopped garlic along with the mushrooms and finely sliced onion. Stir through and cook on a reasonably high heat for a couple of minutes. Next, throw in the chickpeas and your spices (the bay leaves, cumin and tumeric) and cover the pan while you cut the red chili; slice in half, remove the seeds and then finely dice. Once done you can throw that in the pan and add in the coconut milk, salt and the tofu that was fried up earlier.


Re-cover your pan, turn down the heat and leave it to cook through for about 5-10mins.


Mix in the baby spinach just before serving and you'll have a beautiful healthy dish that will fill and warm you up

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* 6 x egg whites

* 50-100g oats (obviouly you can use less to lower the carbs)

* 1 x banana

* 1-2 x scoops protein powder




Mix all of the ingredients together. Pour into a non-stick pan with a little oil if needed and cook on a very low heat with the pan covered.


Cook for around 5 minutes, make sure you flip over when it starts to bubble on top.


Either eat it there and then or leave overnight in fridge and toast the following day (or it's pretty good cold as well).

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Why do you want to eat "low carb"? That's a fad marketing term for "high fat". Carbs are not inherently bad. It's the fact that people eat a lot processed food made from low quality starches that hurts their health. If I were going to Thailand I'd be "carbing out" on all the crazy tropical fruit they have over there.

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I actually eat a pretty low fat diet lol. Only fat i get is from nuts and a little bit of olive oil so im not worried about that. When i eat low carb it helps me to consume less calories and also my body actually seems to holds less water and looks slimmer even the next day so it is just how my body personally reacts to them. i am just doing this for a few more days until Thailand because i want to look as good as i can when i see my friends there hehe. when i get there i plan to eat more than my fair share of carbs hahaha.

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