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Why do my lungs hate cold air?


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Yesterday I went for a short bike ride, for an hour maybe, and my lungs began to hurt very quickly (within 5mins of riding). I don't believe my lungs were bleeding, but it sure did feel like it. If I felt like I was dying I'd return home, but it wasn't bad enough for me to turn around. When I got home and took deep breaths, it was a bit painful. I went for a long walk and I felt it a little too, but not as bad when riding my bike.


Couple months ago I took a bike ride, went drinking that night, a few days later went for another ride, and I ended up being sick for about a month. At one point throwing up, chills, nasty phlegm that woke me up at night when I couldn't breathe, trouble taking deep breaths, and all that good stuff.


I've noticed even when I was a teen that my lungs hated the cold air, jogging down the street to catch the bus would hurt. So it's not something that just came up recently.


So my question... wtf is wrong with me?

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Nice question!


I would really like to know if there is any negative health imacts to breathing lots of cold air. I like to run 5-10 miles at a time once or twice a week. But recently (now that it is winter) this has been really hard. My lungs hurt. I have shorter breath etc.


I have started running on a treadmill at the gym but for many obvious reasons its not the same and NOT what i want to be doing. Im considering wrapping up warm and just getting back outside but would like to know if that painful air is actually bad for us to be doing extreme exercise in.


Lets hope someone knows eh



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I was wondering about this also so thanks for posting, I play soccer and running during conditioning in the fall/winter months sucks. By the time i finish it feels like i have blood creeping up my throat. I'll be sure to get a mask or something next season.

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