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contest prep 2013 - training/diet/pics

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had a good workout today... already motivated for the next one!


squats: 100kg x 3 (6 sets)


romanian deadlift: 120kg x 10 (2 sets)


bent over row: 60kg x 10 / 60kg x 10 / 60kg x 7


bent over weighted dips: bodyweight + 35kg x 10 / bodyweight + 35kg x 7


seated dumbbell shoulder press: 25kg x 10 / 25kg x 6 / 25kg x 5

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My workout from yesterday:


Squats: 110kg x3 / 110kgx 3 / 90kg x 9 / 90kg x 6


Deadlift: 150kg x 3 / 150kg x 3


Romanian deadlift: 125kg x 10


Bent over barbell row: 60kg x 9 / 60kg x 7


Pull ups: bodyweight x 10


Dumbbell curls: 17,5kg x 9


Bench press: 112,5kg x 3 / 112,5kg x 3 / 90kg x 9


Close grip bench press: 70kg x 9


Bent over dips: bodyweight + 30kg x 8


Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 22,5kg x 10 / 22,5kg x 10


Dumbbell kickbacks: 8kg x 12


Seated calf raise: 35kg x 10

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Yesterday i felt a flu coming on, but i think i fought it successfully... took some aspirin, vitamin c and zinc, wrapped myself in a lot of clothes and and two blankets to sweat out everything, and slept for hours and hours... well, felt alright this morning, so i hope that's it and i can workout tonight!

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Yeah, it seems as if i actually managed it... workout was okay and i still feel alright. Shape's gettin better, bodyweight at 87,4kg this morning...


How are things with u mike?



your still progressing nice and steady then mate.......glad ur colds gone i hate getting sick makes me so angry! things ok here thanks mate

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Here's a little update... had a good workout yesterday:



Romanian deadlift

Pull ups

Wide grip lat pull down

Seated cable row

Dumbbell curls

Hammer curls

Hammer strength bench press machine

Bench pressing

Dumbbell side raise

Dumbbell front raise

Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Bent over dips

Dumbbell triceps extensions


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