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contest prep 2013 - training/diet/pics

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Yesterday's workout:




Leg extensions

Romanian deadlift

Pull ups

Chin ups

Seated cable row (close grip)

Seated cable row ( wide grip)

Dumbbell biceps curls

Hammer curls

Bench press

Decline bench press

Bent over dips

Barbell up right row (close & wide grip)

Seated dumbbell shoulder press

Standing dumbbell two arm triceps extension

Cable triceps pushdown


My battered knee is aching during the workout and givin me some imbalance while i'm squatting... but i GOTTA do something... or my legs will look worse and worse. Gotta fight my way through it!

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That's quite unusual... most people think i'm kind of weird caus i don't do split training


But i like to train this "oldschool" way... on the days where i don't visit the gym, i do some training for my abs and calves at home...


Oh yes, i will train hard! I'm really focused on my contest now!

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Had a decent workout yesterday... after it i carbed up with rice cakes, bananas, dried plums, berries, lots of cornflakes and lentils at the end... weight went up to 85,5kg this morning, but my muscles looked full and the overall shape was quite good... B-)

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Thanks! actually i posted my diet at the beginning of my log here, but it changed a bit now since i don't eat low carb all the time... i eat high carb/low fat on training days and low carb/high fat on the days in between. A week ago or so, i posted everything i eat on my facebook page. I suggest to check it out, if you're interested in more details!

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On friday my beloved cat, my true companion over so many years died and i'm so sad and shocked...don't know what to say... and now, one and a half weeks before my contest, i also caught a cold... brilliant. So between thumbing through a brochure with urns and drinking herbal tea, i try to focus on my contest... well, at least my weight went down...

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