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contest prep 2013 - training/diet/pics

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@yepes: thanks a lot! In 2008 i still ate "normal", so i also used tuna and cottage cheese for my contest diet... but actually i only did that because i thought there were no other options if i wanted to prepare in a low carb way...

But in 2011 i made my decision to finally go and stay vegan, no matter what it would take...


@Foods4health: thank u very much! No, contest prep is always a tough thing... but if you want something in life, you gotta work hard for it. There's no easy way i guess...

Well, i wanna keep a good shape and try to get even harder for the contest season in autumn...

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Thx... i was quite happy, caus 1. I knew i still carried a bit too much fat with me, and 2. The line up was so damn big with 20 athletes, that it's not too bad to be placed 6th anyway...


Beside that i know i would have been under the top 3, if i had been leaner. Everyone told me how good my symmetry is... i'll work hard for the next comp!

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I'm new here and I've just been looking at your contest photos and peoples' comments on here, I can't wait to show my friend your results, amazing. I'm reading your profile on the bio check page and I just couldn't stop smiling at what you have said, I've not felt this inspired in a long time. I would love to meet you one day and I'm following your footsteps starting today.

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