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Im back and ready to go all the way, hello everyone!

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I wanted to see my abs logn time ago, since i havent seen them since I was a meat eater, I had them 3 years ago but I was constantly hungry.


I am mostly a runner right now, not a body builder, but I do vinyasa yoga and pick up some weights at least once a week.


I track my calories with cronometer.com and I follow 811, low fat raw vegan diet plan. I cant eat enough of greens to get my protein so I use some days protein raw vegan powder, its not optimal, but I get bored of greens or juicing. I have 1 head a day of romaine, 2 heads its too much for me daily. I eat other veggies though.






im 168 cm and about 144 pounds right now.


my strava name is Jolitabrilliant is you are using it

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LOL. Yea, veganism is definitely not a diet however plants are superior than animal products, if only people could only see that. Its sad the world is run by dimwits with no conscience.



Insulting people will never get them to see a different perspective. Just because someone eats animal products does not make them unintelligent or devoid of a conscience... there are many truths in life, theirs may just not be the same as yours. Veganism can be used as a diet but fundamentally, is not. My (step) brother uses a vegan diet while training prior to spartan races but as he is not ethically connected to veganism, he reverts back post race.

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She was probably recovering from a poorly planned 80/10/10 diet.(im against 811 anyways, but still) For her fakeness and her bashing, I hope she never gets her six pack.

Not trying to be spiteful, It just makes me sad to see someone bashing veganism as she never even tried nonraw veganism.

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