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Protein powder recipe anyone?


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I guess I'll put this in the recipe thread....


so having spent way too much than I would like on protein powders, i was thinking; using the example brown rice protein. Surely it cannot be powdered brown rice (wholefood) minus the fibre (and somehow fat) right? That would make the assumption that the carbs are the fibre and the fat, i dont know how that is extracted.


So my question is does anyone know how protein powder is made and/or have a recipe to make their own protein powder?


Coming from wholefood sources, I imagine vegan protein powder, soy, pea, hemp, brown rice powders would be easier to make than say whey powder.

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Hi guys I've found this :




So, to not have the shell and the oil, we need to sifter and pres it to remove the oil. Look like we will need bigger tools than a mixer. that is for hemp.


Here is a mix from many sources, beans, soy, brown rice...but it's not a extracting process, I think the % protein will be lower than the by product industry the 'cake'. http://www.livestrong.com/article/353309-how-to-make-protein-powder-at-home/



I wanted to found those kind of stuff too, because tub are too expensive for my little budget but need something ready to eat (smoothies) when I'm busy.

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I bought separate hemp, rice, and pea proteins on Amazon, took an empty protein powder jar, and combined it in a ratio of 45% rice, 35% pea, and 20% hemp. Shake it up and you've got yourself a pretty inexpensive protein with a complete amino acid profile with some fiber. It tastes chalky by itself but add cocoa/cacao and stevia as needed

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