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Hello from VA


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Hello All!

I am a 45 year old crossfitting Grandma in VA. I was a bodybuilder back in the 90's when womens bodybuilding was - well - bodybuilding, and not the figure sport it is now. I came to veganism via my health and concerns for the environment and have been vegan for about two years now. Love what its done for my overall health and I feel good about the choices I make!


I cant spend 4-6 hrs a day in the gym anymore so I crossfit - my box has a very strong oly lifting component which I love and I am getting back into shape after a couple of years off. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to get back to 15% bodyfat as a vegan. When I increase the protein to 1g/lb the added carbs increase the body fat too much - I dont have the diet figured out yet at all!


Hoping to hit a 250lb deadlift and a 225lb squat this year and want to compete in crossfit as a masters gal and I am looking forward to participating in this forum!


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Welcome to the forum VAvikingchick ! It was nice to hear your story. I wish that bbing shows focused more on bbing for women too.


When I start getting upwards 1g of protein per lb of bw and I want to keep calories low, I use protein powders. There are other ways to do it however this is the way that has worked for me.


I'm excited to hear more about your goals and how you will work to blast through them.


See you on the forum!

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