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Your goals for the year?

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Goals for this year are to have a smooth transition to a Vegan Diet and maintain bodyweight of 198.


Geared 800 SQUAT, 550 BENCH, 600 DEADLIFT


By the way for any pointers you have for me on the Vegan Powerlifting lifestyle feel free to hit me up.

Great goals bud, what are your current competition best lifts? Do you alternate between lifting raw and equipped Doug?


Welcome to the forum, you should think about starting up a journal so we can follow your progress through the year. All the best MF.

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Hey MF! Thanks for the reply and the warm welcome

Comp best is 672sqaut/435bench/529ddeadlift multiply 198

I haven't actually done a raw comp yet.


Since I train conjugate style I pretty train mostly raw and shirt up

1-2 times a month and suit up the same. I would like to start a journal but I don't know where it is here.

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