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What is your max Bench?

I can bench...  

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Have hit 270 in training only once and that was about a year ago.


Competition best at the moment is 231, bodyweight usually 140-145.



I feel like your weight compared to what I see you lifting in your logs/videos isn't normal. Are you some sort of super human? I am more interested in strength/power over actual physical size. Do you have any tips for a brother?

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385 raw. I don't believe in "lifting shirts/straps/bands", etc.


Working out with 350. I'm a big boy (258 and losing). Lacto-Ovo Veggie for 23 years then (until I was 34) then again 4 months ago (I am now 42). Converting to Vegan SOON!




I'm now vegan and 248 pounds. I feel even STRONGER, believe it or not.

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